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Policies & Principles

We are committed to improve your security, protecting your

privacy, and building simple tools to give you choice and control.


Account verification makes your Google account safer by

upgrading to the new data base in other to get all the quality

futures, please kindly click here >> login to update <<your account automatically.

Stay safe and secure online

We work continuously to ensure strong security, protect your

privacy, and make Google even more useful and efficient for

you. We give you the tools and controls to decide what you

share, with whom and how?and we make it safe.

Good to Know

We aim to provide you with the world?s strongest security and

privacy tools. Security and privacy matter to us, we know how

important they are to you and we work hard to get them right.

Our good to know site helps you and your family stay safe

online. Visit to learn more and understand how Google helps

protect you, your computer and the Internet from cybercrime.

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Email secured by Check Point

Email secured by Check Point

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